Website Design Process



We have a robust process for delivering high quality websites at an economical price. It’s really important that you understand this process and be comfortable with it before you start working with us. Please check our process below but if you would like for us to discuss the process in more detail get in touch and iFormatLogic team will be happy to guide you through it.


First of all, the main needs to develop a website is to gather all the information that we are going to put on the website. The point is to get a clear understanding of the future website purposes, the main goals you wish to have and the target audience you want to attract. Spending extra resources on solving unexpected issues such as design changing and adding the functionality can be prevented by a well-described and detailed plan during the pre-development stage.


After we set your goals, purpose and target audience on your future website, we are going to create a data called mockup that allows you to judge how the entire site will look like based on the information that was gathered. It is just a virtual representation of the user interface that you are going to create but doesn't contain any design such as colors, logos, etc.


We have assigned a team of developers that will take your website in shape. In this stage, all the visual content, such as images, logos, videos, etc. is created. While we are working with the design, we kept in mind all the information we had from our customers and their target audience. The primary function of the layout is to visualize the content, represent the information and demonstrate the basic functionality. After that, we let our customers review it and let them send their feedback. We will change everything they want until they are completely satisfied.


At this step, we can finally start creating the website using the graphic elements that have been designed during the previous stage. All web pages designed during the mockup should be created and tested, then all the special features and interactivity should be added. These involves the responsiveness of the website.


Every single web page should be tested to make sure that there are no broken links. We are checking the codes if it follows the current web standards. After checking, its time to put it in live. After deploying the files, we are doing a final test to make sure that all files have been properly installed. If the client already owns the domain name, then we will work through the different options and endorse the best domain configuration for the project. We will also let Google crawl the website, starting its journey towards the audience.


Our job does not end when the site goes published. We consider that a website is more of a service than a product. It is not enough to just publish it to a user, we are making sure that everything works fine and every client is satisfied. We are always ready to make changes as fast as we can and also we are here to support you. We also offer SEO services where we will boost your website's ranking in Google and other search engines. As your business grows or changes we are always on hand when you need us.

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