The Internet has take a lot of good into the business world. Clear negative search results allows for more transparency and lets businesses and consumers connect in unique ways, not to mention the rise of e-commerce based companies. However, for some businesses and individuals, the Internet give with it a fair share of headaches.

Search Results

iFormatLogic approach online reputation management services in a more strategic way than most reputation management companies. Since each campaign is custom crafted for each unique circumstance, each procedure must be individualized as well. Some campaigns demand an aggressive response, while others profit from a more nuanced, even delicate, approach. Either way, the outcome is an improved online presence.

iFormatLogic examines each client’s particular attributes and the online environment for their industry. iFormatLogic take a hard look at comparable brands, competitors, or similar individuals in order to better visualize what people and search engines really want to see in branded search results. Clear negative search results suite of online reputation management tools used to complement very experienced reputation management consultants.

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