What is Magento?

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform providing operator with the most flexible and controlled online store possible. Magento features powerful tools for commerce, search engine optimization and catalog-management, which are tailored to meet the unique business needs of any site. Magento is generally the best eCommerce platform option for larger association who want more features and a more completely customized site.

What is the benefit of Open Source?

Open Source platforms allow for much more security, modernization, agility, quality and customization –all for a better price! It allows people to share and have access to the platform, making changes easier and more active.

What does Magento cost?

For pricing information, please visit Magento’s website:

If I encountered problems downloading and using Magento what do I need to do?

If you encounter problems using Magento, the best thing to do is go with someone who has know how to use Magento. iFormatlogic can support any issue associated to the installation of the platform, so give us a call to get your installation problems straightened out.

Is an external extension that is not part of the Magento Core still supported by Magento?

No, however, iFormatlogic can assist with your external development to Magento.

Where can I see a demo of how to use Magento?
Where can I see live Magento stores?

You can see a list of live and effective Magento stores here: Magento Stores.

What license does Magento use?

Magento is licensed under Open Software License 3.0, which is an open source authorize license.

Where can I get special extensions and add-ons for my Magento site?

Extensions, such as themes and payment assimilation, can be found on the Magento Connect marketplace found here:

What features does Magento Support?

Magento offers a variety of flexible features that cover a full range of possible business needs. A list of Magento’s features can be found at:

What Payment Gateways are compatible with Magento?

There are many choices that make purchasing easy with Magento. A list of payment gateways appropriate with Magento can be found in the Payment Gateway list. Click under “Payment.”

Where can I host Magento?

Magento can be introduce on just about any provider. However there are a number of requirements that are appropriate with Magento’s system. A list of requirements can be found here: system requirements.

How can I get support?

The best way to get support for your Magento site would be through a skillful in Magento. iFormatlogic has provided numerous association with full Magento site builds. iFormatlogic can help you to support for your Magento site. There are also a number of conference that are on Magento’s online community. The community is made up of users that argue anything and everything related to Magento. You can post a question on a forum, and someone accomplished with that issue will respond. These forums can be found here: forums.

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