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A well designed, built and integrated microsite can offer very high ROI. Here in IFormatLogic, we are often asked to design, build and maintain campaign based microsites.

What are Microsites?

Microsites are usually independent from a companies main existing website, a microsite is often created for that sole purpose. Compromising of a series of landing pages they offer increased user experience and personalisation. For this reason they can frequently stay hidden from search engines and not to appear in the search results pages. Due to their effectiveness we are often asked to design, build and maintain campaign based microsites. A well designed, built and integrated microsite can offer very high ROI (return on investment). In short, they are small websites that are extremely focused towards a specific goal or event.

The independency from the primary site does not mean both entities will be completely separate from one another. They will have some distinct features of the company, such as branding, typography, tone of voice etc. This is the level of detail that our microsite team specialise in.


Our design and development team prioritize in delivering solutions that are engaging and highly helpful for your customers, while maintaining brand association. Establishing high quality conversion microsites can be challenging. Our team makes sure that you stand out from your competitors in highly unique ways.


The secret to microsite consists of four(4) parts. Keeping a clear focus, define sales funnel, have a consistent and engaging web design. IFormatLogic precisely follow the visual branding, tone of voice and writing style to set the microsite into much more broader campaign

At IFormatLogic we adopt the following process to create industry leading microsites:


The microsite should not go off topic and focus on promoting the single product or service that appeal to the target audience. Microsites are independent from the original website of the company, so it is important that they are focused. Our team are well aware that the more focused they are the more effective they will be.


The entire site should have the goal of getting one message across to the customers, that a certain product or service exists. The microsite needs to be designed in such a way that there is evident emphasis on conversion. They should be able to drive the users through a sales funnel leading to a distinct and clear call to action.


Most of the time microsites are far more creative than the main website. This is because that copy and design of the microsite need to match each other and be fully integrated. The copy and design should match that of the parent website.


Having a good design is extremely important. This is something IFormatLogic is very well aware of. We use design elements that catch users attention and keep them there. It is important to focus on the following design elements to develop an effective microsite: branding, content, videos and navigation. Consistency of all these components is imperative if you want to give the site a more professional look. Hence, why you need to get in touch, ASAP!

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