The basic access you should take when it comes to caring for your online reputation can be summarized by two terms:

There is a lot of focus nowadays to adjust and fix the casualty that has already been done to your company or personal image. And while these efforts may be basic , it can be far more gratifying to be more proactive and focus on avoiding the situations which may necessitate those fixes.


We’re able to formulate a path that assists us in revealing a hidden problem for our clients before it is too late to address them. We take the time to research our clients and understand their different industries. This observation enables us to create a detailed picture of our clients’ individual landscapes.


iFormatLogic understands the importance of proactively monitoring your online character. We have heard many clients away from possibly damaging events or actions. We try to scout out the online market to have a thorough grasp of the effects your web existence will have on your online reputation. In addition, we also sincerely manage clients honor on the Internet. This means that we identify current issues with the brand and develop different solutions to get our clients on the right track.

The Internet is a great source of information, but sometimes this information can be evasive, untrue, or even quietly harmful to your company. iFormatLogic is here to help. We’ve dealt with adversary of clients who have led marketing attacks in order to gain the upper hand, and we set the record straight. And, when dealing with negative information that may be truer than our clients would like, we take compelling steps to minimize the fallout.

First, we work with our client to fix the situation in a important manner and attempt to rebuild any burnt bridges. After addressing our client’s needs in a personal fashion, we advise our clients on enhancements that can be made to ensure that their online presence only benefits their reputations and business.

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