Do I Need to Hire a Web Developer or Web Designer?

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Do I Need to Hire a Web Developer or Web Designer?

As a business owner who plans to establish his own website, it’s only natural to have many questions besides from the above mentioned. And here are some other possible samples;
How much is the total cost of establishing my website?
Are there any possible hidden charges while website development is still ongoing?
What’s the assurance that my customers will enjoy their experience in using my website?
Is this enough to endorse or commercialize my products or services?
These are just some commonly asked questions, but we all know that there is more. We all heard about web developers, programmers, designers, UX specialist, and so on, but we don’t have any idea who or what they are and how do they work together?
We tried to do some research on the different types of web specialists and what are their job responsibilities. And we found out that the back-end developers, front-end developers, and web designers are the three main categories of said specialists.

1. Front-end developers
The front-end developer is responsible for the main body of the website. The front-end is also known as the client-side because it presents the overall or main layout of the website. It uses (three layers) markup, style sheet and programming languages, these are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.To further expound this language;
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) – gives structure and markup to the document content of a page
CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) – applies colors, padding, font styles, and spacing to add visual styles in the content
JavaScript – codes the interactivity of the site (for example, when you click on a button to cycle through images in a slider)

2. Back-end developers
The back-end developer – its is also known as the server-side and is responsible for operating the functionality and process database transaction where information is stored for the website. This includes the development and management of the system.

3. Web designers
The web designer is responsible for the preparation of the design in the web pages for the front-end developers usage or reference. It includes the aesthetic of the site along with the usability. Some of the factors that web designers incorporate are Branding strategy, graphic design, responsive design, search engine optimization, and more.
We all know that internet usage in mobile had taken slowly over desktop internet for the past years, the development teams had to adjust websites to become more responsive that screen sizes are rendered properly. Do you remember opening a website on your mobile phone but the buttons were too close together or too small? This is an example of a task that will be assigned to web designers.

The agency perspective

Distinguishing the difference between the Job Descriptions in Website Development helps you more in understanding the dynamic process between the different skill sets of the developers.
Once everything is in place and you know the perspective that you want to offer or present, it’s really easy establishing your own website
However, working with a multi-disciplinary agency team is more likely that you would have more depth with your project. This includes people specialized in back-end development, front-end development, web design and even other professionals such as content marketers and search engine optimization specialists.
From the agency perspective, these people work together on countless projects where their roles overlap and this results in a better perspective when they are focused on their individual role and how that role fits in with others’.
Approaching the development of a website for your business can be intimidating, and with the multiple layers of web development, looking towards a full-stack agency is a smart move so you can get a better understanding of the entire scope of your ideas. This will lead to a more precise understanding of what it will cost you and the return on investment you’ll receive.

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