While some companies will create a website on your behalf and then walk away, iFormatLogic takes your assistancce very seriously. Not only do we create websites that are made to compete in even the most soaked markets, but we work to help you enhance your results day after day. We don’t leave you high and dry like some companies, but we’re here to offer you all of the coaching, guidance, and assistance that you need to embellishment with your new WordPress website.

We suggest WordPress to our clients because we use it ourselves, and we know how capable it can be when properly optimized. WordPress allows us to create capable websites without limitations, and it allows you to run your site without having to deal with complicated content management systems or development changes.

You won’t find a WordPress company that brings a greater selection of differing skills, all of which work to the benefit of your business. At iFormatLogic, we don’t simply build WordPress websites. We create fully customized websites that you can easily manage using the recognizable WordPress system. Get all of the convenience of WordPress without having to settle for the limitations of templates and plug-ins.



At iFormatLogic, we recognize the understanding of branding, and our designers know how to integrate your unique business personality into the WordPress Design platform. With custom site designs, logos, images, and more, you won’t have to courage for “Just another WordPress site.


WordPress allows for nearly endless development freedom, but unless you understand the good points of coding, your options are limited to the generic templates and settings. Our developers specialized PHP, CSS, and HTML, and can build stunning, perceptive websites that are entirely your own.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With the right marketing, development, and plug-in integration. WordPress is probably the leading content management system for SEO. Our SEO team uses WordPress to its full optimization potential, establish that you attain outstanding search engine rankings to drive new visitors to your site every single day.

Social Media

Social media necessary for any 21st-century business and WordPress allows you to seamlessly accommodate your business website with your social media profiles. At iFormatLogic, we use highly-targeted social media marketing to give you the maximum reorganization and help you to build your brand.

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